D.I.Y Upcycled Bracelet

Since this week I know people like me are going to be a mess running around to find a perfect gift for the women who inspires them the most as their women`s day present. Well you seem to have hit a jackpot, because we have the easiest most creative yet personalized idea for you. That person might be your BFF or may be your grandmother so I have come up with one thing that you can never go wrong with and that is a bracelet. So roll up your sleeves and pour your heart out to show much you care for that person through this tiny gift.


  • Old beads [preferably white]
  • Thread [white]
  • Interlocking chains [big and small]
  • Hooks
  • Black ribbon
  • Super glue
  • Leather strap or any other band
  • Scrabble letters spelling out the name of the person.


STEP 1: For the first step, you will need to cut your string to the measurement of the persons hand and then add the old beads to the string. Keep doing this until the entire string has been occupied by these beads. Now attach the first hoop of your small interlocking chains to either side of your string. Make sure that it is looser than the bead part of your bracelet. Do the same with you big interlocking chains just like it`s shown in the pictures above.

STEP 2: Now attach you hooks to the sides of the string. After you have gone through with this, tie you black ribbon to the centre of your bracelet in the neatest bow possible. You can look in the picture above to get a basic idea of what it will look like.

STEP 3: For the final step which makes this bracelet very personalized, you need to take out your leather strap or whatever other band which is easily available, along with your scrabble pieces. Focus on getting this right and you will make the most beautiful present, leaving others jealous. Place all your pieces on the strap in the order of your friends name. Now pick up your superglue and lightly apply some to the edges of pieces. Stick them onto your strap or band and hold it tightly for a second so that it sticks well. Attach this bracelet to the other one with the help of one of your small interlocking chains and there you go. CONGRATULATIONS!!! You have successfully created your present.

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